4 Big Internet Marketing Lies

Maybe you’ve heard people say Internet Marketing is a waste of time, you won’t make any money, it will never work and so many others negative comments coming from people who don’t really understand the Internet Marketing industry.

The thing is, it does work. Why do some people succeed and some don’t? It could be that those that succeed understand these 4 Big Internet Marketing Lies.

Lie #1
Starting And Running A Business Online Is Expensive

Did you know that you can start your business with zero cost? By joining such sites as Clickbank or JVZoo you can actually start earning an income by finding a product to promote with an affiliate link. Usually, as an affiliate, your job is concentrating on driving traffic to your affiliate site through the link you are provided with. You can even share your link free on social media platforms and forums. All the follow up, delivery of the product, answering questions from customers and so on are done by the creator of the program.

A great way to advertise your affiliate link would also to have your own website or blog, but I know what you saying, “I don’t know anything about making a website”, which leads me to…

LIE #2
You Must Know HTML, Programming And Graphic Design To Create A Website

You don’t need to know these at all. Period. In fact, one of the biggest shockers I learned was how easy it was creating a website. Years ago yes you needed to know things like html coding. These days though there are a number of available sites that offer drag and drop abilities. Drag and drop you ask? Starting with a blank page the site have whats called elements such as text, pictures, headers, footers, etc. Basically if you want text to go in a certain spot, click on the text element and drag it where you want it on the page and type your text. Want a picture in top right corner? Click the picture element and drag it to the top right corner, drop it and load your picture. Sites such as Weebly, Wix, and probably the most popular, WordPress have free options to get you started with a website and blog in no time. Some site even have free templates you can click and edit.

Now I will admit, drag and drop is easy to use, but it might take some time getting use to knowing just what all the elements can do and the best way to use them.

So once you have a website or blog up and running some may think, “the money will start flowing in”. This thought brings up to the next lie…

LIE #3
There Is No Need To Know How To Sell

“No selling required”. Have you been drawn into that statement before? When people buy into the idea there is “no selling required” they jump right in, put something on the internet, and think the money will start coming in. Think for a moment, is there any logic that you can make money without doing anything at all? This mentality will doom you for sure.

In this business, don’t try to sell to other people. Instead, you inform your potential customers. Show people what their lives would be like with what you offer and you will have a sale without selling anything at all!

So now you might be thinking if you don’t have to know how to sell then it will be easy making money. I hate to break it to you but read on.

LIE #4
You Can Make Easy Money From The Internet

Many people believe you can make money overnight and by not doing anything at all. If that’s what you have in mind right now you will soon learn this is what sets apart those that succeed, and those that don’t. You’ve probably heard of stories how people have made 5 to 6 figure incomes in the shortest period of time imaginable.

These stories might be true, but you don’t hear of the struggles and failures that it took before they really made money. They have learned from their mistakes and move on. It may seem as if some “gurus” are overnight successes with the wild numbers some people have brought in during a day or a week selling information or products online.

Some interesting facts about overnight success – it normally takes months if not years to realize. In other words, they prepare, they research, they create joint ventures, they get ready and then build up anticipation for a launch – then BOOM it explodes!

Final Thought

All the above are some good things to think about when starting out. Here’s a little more food for thought. When starting out it will benefit you to have a plan, a vision of what you want to accomplish, and a mentor. A what? Yes, a mentor. Someone who has achieved what you want to achieve. Someone who has been where you are just starting out. Someone that can take you step by step every step of the way. That’s why I highly recommend John Thornhills Partner 2 Success Program. Check out this webinar and get started with a program that has proven to be successful.


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